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clarice sweets

About Me

I'm a year 3 undergraduate student, avid lover of all things chocolate (dark especially), experimented on brownies for many years but failed too many times, finally achieved my desired outcome & started making for my friends, got encouragement from a few friends to start selling my brownies, officially established Clarice Sweets in January 2021, & currently balancing this business along with my studies & part-time job at present time. 


The ultimate goal of my business was always to leave my consumers with an enjoyable brownie/dessert experience, at an affordable price, while providing a wide range of options for them to customize according to their liking (in terms of sweetness/quality/flavours/topping variations). as i myself was once a customer who longed for affordable AND tasty brownies (most of the time it was one or the other 😢)! it’s kinda like, if ya cravin brownies but dont know how/lazy to make it urself, let me do it for u 🤪

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