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Health Made Simple

Finding personalized solutions
to your health goals.


Kombucha is a fermented tea

packed with real, living, good bacteria!


Each bottle is handcrafted with ingredients to meet your health goals.


We will brew your Kombucha fresh

and deliver right to your door!

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Your first step toward your health goals

Your health Journey is...yours!

Choose from one of our popular blends or take a quiz and design one for yourself!
Immune Booster

Our Immune Booster Blend contains Superfoods rich in Vitamins A & C!
Contains: Lemon, Apple, Passion Fruit


Our Anti-Inflammation Blend will Reduce Aches, Improve Muscle Recovery, and Lower Cholesterol!

Contains: Orange, Lychee, Turmeric

Organic Blueberries

Our Anti-Oxidant Blend is great for repairing cell harm and heart health!

Contains: Raspberry, Blueberry, Spirulina

Digestion & Bloating

Our Digestion Blend is great for increasing nutrient absorption, reducing bloating, and improving bowel movement!

Contains: Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Spirulina

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Suscription Plans

Your journey starts here

Hassle-free delivery to your door every two weeks to make habit building easier

Free quiz upon signing up for you to discover your personalized health goals

Personalized blend brewed fresh for you

On-going Discussion about your health to meet new goals

No Commitment! Cancel anytime if we're not a good fit!

  • 500mL/week

    Every month
  • 1L/week

    Every month


Sukeshni N.

Your kombucha been helping me with my bowel movement. Lately I don't experience extreme bloating like how I used to and surprisingly, my sugar craving is kinda off nowadays

Calvin T.

I received my first kombucha bottle today! The flavour personalisation and seeing my name on the bottle is my favourite part 😊😊

Adiaa A.

My skin condition literally improved so much! And also my gastric attack has been at bay especially for Ramadhan. I would drink a bit before sunrise and some after iftar. 👌👌👌

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